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Poetry has taught me how to write to escape the world and problems that seem unbearable. It has taught me to turn them into thoughts and feelings of beauty. Shedding away their misery, along a sea of glass.
Tell me your passions. Tell me your fears. Tell me about a time when you were young, reckless, and crazy. Tell me the dumbest thing you've ever done and how embarrassed you felt. Tell me something you would never usually tell just anyone.
because i love you,   a wooden door, left locked, is given a window,   clear glass, and port hole,    a place to speak. because i love you,
He’s taken the lead Left me in the dust I raised But he’s still looking at me, pulling me through instead The world he’s lived in, explosions of color and haze,
The most exquisite thing you can be is nothing but yourself Yet most people are sham these days Splendor doesn’t rest in appearances Beauty comes from the heart The morals The noble objectives of a person
I put up walls too high Barricade myself inside I run away and try to hide But here's the secret I want you to come in See, the walls were made to crumble The barricades to come down
Let me memorize you Feel your every curve Learn all your scars Give me the ability To undress you in my mind And see the beauty that stands before me I want to know every inch of you
  Easy come, easy go
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