Just Be Real With Me

Tell me your passions. Tell me your fears. Tell me about a time when you were young, reckless, and crazy. Tell me the dumbest thing you've ever done and how embarrassed you felt. Tell me something you would never usually tell just anyone. Tell me about your heartbreaks, shortcomings, and tell me about those times where things just didn't work out. Lose the mask and just be real with me. In a world full of masks, trends, and misunderstandings, it is a blessing and a privilege to see a soul.As a soul in a world where everyone your age loves to mask imperfections and emotions, it can be just... tiring. I just want someone to be real with me. Be genuine, even if it's not a happy story. Not everything's gonna be hunky dory. I understand that. Just keep it real because I'm tired of people being cold and crazy. Be real because I'm tired of facades.

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