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I can't chase my demons, they've tied me too far down.   God would not forgive me, I don't deserve his crown.   What if I walked into the ocean? If I mysteriously drowned.  
Family   My family matters most to me They are the seed to my success They have poured out their generosity
I see you day in and day out In the halls or on the town We wave and say hello And even “chill” or “hang” a bit You’re someone I call my friend So this you should never forget,
Yesterday it was I like you a lot I'll never leave your side. I'll be here for you no matter what. Today its who are you? I don't know you.
We were designed as one race To be united, not mistreated To be caring, not defeated We are all the same, yet we all chase The desire to be better than eachother   We were designed as one race
Five years ago, She sketched her name on the wall and no one wrote next to it.  She drew a somber heart, outlined in disgrace, colored with hope and left it to dry on its own. The next year,
Once, one day, I had nothing to do, So I decided to talk to you. I couldn't have imagined, I couldn't have known, That this was the beginning of a friendship anew.  
Here's an oath to one another!
I am the f
You are perfect in every single way. I’m sorry, you were. You were intelligent, athletic, worldly. You were presidential. Inspiring. Attentive. But You
She took the kaleidoscope in her hand and put her eye to its head. And it all was spinning, but still colored and bright and maybe glittering a bit, and that’s all that mattered, right? She thought.
friends, parents, teachers,  all seem to have only one thing to say to a child desperately seeking advice: "just be yourself!" it becomes the core theme of children's shows on disney or nickelodeon
My revolution is the intentional endings assigned to life.My revolution will not be brushed aside.My revolution will comfort the heart broken and despised.My revolution will hide the guns, knives, and ropes.
The dark grass glitters; the frost lies like white diamonds ‘neath deadbolted clouds.   The trees stand frozen. They creak and crack with each move like old men stretching.  
I hate testing, the way it makes me feel nervous  and unprepared prior to approaching it. The anxiety of failure lurking in the shadows afterwards. During, enduring a twisted metal contraption,
How can it be that when I see a tree, I see life in it's purest form and beauty. Yet you see a tree and all you believe is that it's taking up space. I can't believe the human race!
Every leaf Shakes the hand of another, For they all share the same branches, And they all share the same tree. If every person
It was a hot day at Yiyah's So we went inside to play A game of Sleeping Beauty That soon went astray.   All three sat on the capet Criss-cross applesauce. I laid out the rules
Writing essay entries as if they were my diary entries I try to write two a day, but some days I wrote nothing, other days I write everything. No time to waste, gotta write those essays.
Everyone knows the story of the man and the mouse His famous stories flood through every house
Her        Hands shook as she took the steaming bowl from the tray.        Her oversized winter coat was threadbare and frayed.        I could tell it had been a long time since her last meal.
Blue skies and green grasses, Evergreen and oak and apple trees. But damage caused by the masses Lies beyond this dystopia in disguise.   Picture perfect white houses, sports cars, and planes,
This generation is the end they all say. We hear this by teachers at least once a day. You will amount to nothing is frequently stated By those we look up to not those who are hated.
  It don't matter to me No way, no how. I'm right here Smack dab in the middle. So no way's it gonna matter to me. And I ain't diggin' no concrete coffin. No backyard mausoleum
A transparent water droplet, seemingly microscopic in the grand scheme of things.   But one must not forget that a butterfly's wings can cause a tsunami.  
What’s wrong with the world?We live in a world where grades are more important than learning.We live in a world where college, which is supposed to launch you into a prosperous career,
One moment, a multitude of thoughtsThe fear swells up like a raging stormIt envelopes my muscles and my knees go weakLet it go, clear my head, take the leapTwo shoes over, one step back
Chance is a thing known and disliked by almost all. Whether the changes be big or small, short or tall, made during the spring or the fall, change is always change.  
It has been five yearsFive years.Five years since I left my home, my friends, My love.  
Turn around and see The mirror on the wall. Face it with all your strength And stare into the eyes As they glare back. The emptiness you normally see Has vanished.
The room, it beckoned me sound To waltz again round and round. “Dance with destiny and test your fate.” What it held, I was unsure. That which beckoned did quite lure.
Look at the stars The rain, how it falls The smell of the flowers And the grass so tall The rushing of the wind
I’ve lost all faith, all my trust in the world has dissipated into thin air. It floats away as a mist that I can feel but can no longer grasp. How can something that you know
Oh permanence! I long to live Life with actions like a pencil.             Not ink…   Removal of mistakes and Forgiveness for lost words.             Not ink…  
It's a thing that you see as a little girl watching Bugs Bunny The woman who comes out to sing in the end of the opera cartoon is big and fat And then you grow up and hear that it's "not over til the fat lady sings" 
Family and friends enrich my life,
I am a phenomenal woman! I am black, strong, proud, and hopeful. I am some so sweet, but like anyone else, I won't let you step on me. I am different and hard to comprehend. I someone weird, a true friend.
On Valentine’s Day you gave me a teddy bear In return I gave you my heart You said “Take good care of him he’s my favorite” I said “Here, no strings attached”
During the night Look up into the sky And try with all your might Not to lie   Think of everything youve done Think of everything you do
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