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In the infamous words of Sara Bareilles "I'm not gonna write you a love song 'cause you asked for it" I won't write you one even if you beg and plead You are the biggest thorn in my side
I had a good talk with a good someone. Realization that i don't have to keep any of you posted on nothing.. Nothing at all. If you need to know , you probably know.
I’m addicted to a person Who’s addicted to a drug That played a mean trick and no longer makes him numb. “I’ll be right back,” he says. I look at him and nod
You're the only one who can lift me up, make me happy with little to no effort. Just you being who you are is enough alone to remind me of all the reasons why I love you.
He's like a drug;
Break these chains
One adderall for the motivation
In the begining,
You say you’ll try it once
I used to to an addict with a bad addiction Now I'm one of a kind, a limited edition From being locked up with no sense of direction Now I'm on full blast like an adrenaline injection
I was the innocent and you were the reckless. At first I was amart and kept my distance But you were like poison in my veins And I couldn't get enough.
A heart should never ache like this, my soul should never feel this much pain, I need the dose of a loving touch,
I will be damned, before I live a day without you You could send me to the other side of the world, and I would still come back like I always do,
Touching you, Seeing you, I need a fix.   Feeling you, Needing you, I NEED this.   Missing  you, Kissing you, My love is real.   Addicted to, the thought of you,
you are hell but I am addicted   I am addicted to so many dangers but you are my favorite    you are slowly killing me  but I do not mind
        suddenly i am julted awake by that feeling. it strikes through me like lightning and thunders in my head and leaves a pouring storm of rain falling continuously from my storm cloud eyes.
You say you love me when you're on your way, not there yet, but you're coming.Release your poison on my spread then tell me that I'm stunning.The humidity overwhelms any chance of fresh air.
Usually a book is read page by page and the words just fly by. We could go back and re-read your whole story. Just set aside some time. But there's no time left to review. What could I have said to save you?
"Drug abuse"- that makes me abusive. So why do I feel like I'm the one who's been beaten? Not the beaten that leaves bloodied lips and brown bruises But the beaten that leaves you in last place in a contest
         As i sit in the library looking out the window  into the beautiful summer day.
Sarah She was born into an orphanage Her reading disability is awful Her emotionally traumatized brain can't help it Her life spent without being wanted   Justin Wishes he didn't have parents.
Understand, this is not right.Listen, hear me warn you.This is not a fair fight.You will fail, win, lose.
How  am I supposed to focus on all the good in life when I am ever so  Numb  like the scars on my wrist, the ones that never made it past my skin Frantic 
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