You're My Addiction

I will be damned, before I live a day without you

You could send me to the other side of the world,

and I would still come back like I always do,

and you and I will love like we were meant to


They say drugs are never good,

these pills will ruin lives,

but when taking handfuls of you,

you can ruin my life anytime,


They say too much alcohol is bad,

these bottles will break faces,

but when drinking all your love,

I can get drunk on your love in all types of places


I've heard, smoking can kill your lungs,

these ashes are a sentence to death,

but when inhaling your touch,

I will die with your hands in mine, my last breath


They claim, addiction is a hard thing to kill

forming habits like these are bad for you,

but when gone off your love, I'm around still


They demand, to kick this addiction,

to turn off these habits,

but when my mind is fogged by your love,

your love is my drug, and I will never regret this


-Chloe Aldecoa


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