I'll Sing You One O'

In the infamous words of Sara Bareilles

"I'm not gonna write you a love song 'cause you asked for it"

I won't write you one even if you beg and plead

You are the biggest thorn in my side

Infuriate me to the point of tears

I've cried a thousand times more over the shit you do

Than I have in my natural born life before I met you

You bring me to two bone trembling extremes

Screw Fifty Shades of Grey we don't even have one

When you touch me, I mean really touch me

My soul sings

Shattering me with its volume

It reaches seven octaves

Fuck Mariah

You bring me light, part the darkness and for a moment we're the meaning of perfection

Just a moment, and our moments never last

One word,



Shatters our perfection

Splintered into tiny pieces it showers the floor

Crunched under the weight of our words and then again by the heavy silence

Yet I can't walk away

Drawn to you like a moth to a flame

I live for those shattering moments, beg to be broken again and again

So we can put each other back together

Twisted and sick to others

Our love is ours alone

Imperfectly perfect,


Beautifully flawed,


Cohesively earth shattering



                                                                           If you have you haven't realized this is our love song.


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