A heart should never ache like this,

my soul should never feel this much pain,

I need the dose of a loving touch,

I need your novacaine

to numb me forever, or at least a long time,

I need this dose to calm my heart,

because I only want you in this life


A mind should never run like this,

my thoughts should never burn in my skull,

I need the dose of a warm embrace,

I need your novacaine to keep me full,

to ease my ideas, to cool my reflections,

I desire this dose, I promise I will not regret this


A body should never shake like this,

my sides should not be quaking,

I need the dose of soft lips,

I need you novacaine to stop all this shaking,

to remind me that I am loved and do not deserve pain,

remind me of all this, and shoot me with your novacaine


-Chloe Aldecoa


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