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I wish I could say That love has not destroyed me But that is not true For I have let love tear me apart Ripping my heart to pieces Feeling as if I am not strong enough to hold on
I follow the sun in all its glory  Wondering if you’ll chase me? I’m stuck in the ground  But you refuse to perceive me You refuse to know me Refuse to love, me. I follow the sun as if I’m its shadow.
  For I love thou, my bright brown eyes.Thou spirit shines more than the hubris sun.I want to tell thou, but I don’t have time.Loving thou is easier said than done I scream it aloud, but it’s never heard.Friends.
You're as tall as mount Kilimanjaro, at least 6'2 and you play my favorite sport and you're not a rookie, Boo I act nonchalant but on the inside i got butterflies that flutter when i look into your cocoa colored eyes. 
You don’t deserve a single word; A moment of my time. Yet in the early morning I find myself struggling, Writing down senseless words to try to make sense of this.
I ask myself ..these questions from day to day                Is she the way?                Is today the day?                Am I going to be ok? See.. this is where the problem lies...
Sometimes you get scared he'll replace you with someone better. You know he lies and fill up your head, But you want to stay for the better. People say he ain't gone never change, But you want to think otherwise.
it's simple in a woman's mind, don't believe she only wants love. she wants the loyalty, respect, attention, and care: she wants to be put above. loyalty means commitment, respect means good character,
The smoke from his cigarette slowly left the ember end into the air, disappearing and only leaving a lingering smell. That's when I realized it was like our relationship. We keep drifting apart from each other,
Gosh youre so beautiful!  So why does my stomach hurt? Trying speak but not a word! 
years have gone by with no confrontation stuck by ourselves without realization but that's when I met him the boy lost in time things were just perfect he was calling me "mine"
She was naïve being infatuated. In his eyes she wasn’t amazing. She continues to go through phases. She physically fell ill because of mental thoughts. 
Does it hurt ? Can you feel it? can you prove?  
It's her eyes
You gave me everything you thought I needed You hurt me, you didn't understand You gave me a life you never had You let me fall, you let me cry, you didn't see You love me so much it's hard for me not to notice
A kelidescooe of blue above,Light dancing in the water.I drift downDown
Im hurt & i'm in pain,You still act the same,
I feel like the sky is falling on the eve of this, and I'm bawling, Anticipating your words and the slaughter of my heart once more. But from this I know I'll never truly rise again, how can I ever rise again?
I am taking off my diamonds, The emerald mask you gave me to wear To hide the hurt you left behind,             The hole you left behind. I am letting all my old scars show.
What you said was a lie. Me, loving you, endlessly loving you, For what?   What have I gained from you? Betrayal, hurt confusion... And so I ask Why?  
I always thought You were my diamond In a pile of coals. But just a wolf hiding in sheep skin; you devoured my heart there it sits -  Pulsing red and bleeding out your lies.
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