Love is not true unless it is returned.

I follow the sun in all its glory 

Wondering if you’ll chase me?

I’m stuck in the ground 

But you refuse to perceive me

You refuse to know me

Refuse to love, me.

I follow the sun as if I’m its shadow.

Why does no one follow me

Why am I futile?

I wish the sun would figure out its shadow.

Get to perceive life beside me.

Hey, sun. Tell me, baby, why are you always in front of me. You ever wanna turn and see my side of the story?

I can’t ask you

I can’t tell you, your too far, but why do I hold you so close to my heart.

I love you, why can’t you see?

Maybe I’m just blinded with a beauty which hides the ugly, I just want you to see.

I wish you would enjoy and savour every part of me in which I do to you, as you always told me, Love is not true unless it is returned.

I gave you my love, I gave you me. It never seems to be enough as my sight is darkened once you set, the moon rises and he is mean, he is bold he is chasing me... as I search around for the glory that once shown, I miss you in a quite simple way, I can’t help but squint my eyes...

As salty tears run down my face, I miss you, until realisation hits... I am tired from the constant chasing, for once you shall chase me, and maybe, just maybe I shall resist my urges. I no longer crave you, I no longer love you. How does that make you feel, it makes you feel a familiar hello, one I once gave to you. Good luck, you are now in my shoes.


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