Boy lost in time

years have gone by with no confrontation
stuck by ourselves without realization
but that's when I met him the boy lost in time
things were just perfect he was calling me "mine"
but when thoughts set in and gripped my heart
that's when all the doubting took start
does he still want me? does he still care?
my jealousy became something I couldn't bare
I prayed to a god I didn't believe in
asking nothing more than my love to be saved
for my fears to be taken and forgotten from life
but the boy that I loved was still lost in time
ages apart but still perfectly paired
I looked to the heavens knowing it was unfair
we were told our love not meant to be
but we continued to fight
and I loved that he fought for me
I was in love with the boy lost in time
but he was not a boy he was a man
a man with a past even I was scared would return
especially when I saw the devils presence occur
I swallowed my pride and asked if he knew
but no answer was given 
my heart torn in two
I was doubting the boy lost in time
and I thought to myself he could never lie
why doubt him when he's why your alive
but there was something else 
something hidden deep 
was the devil the purpose I was crying in my sleep
why did I need you the boy lost in time
then as I wrote my feelings 
crying on the page
I realized this poem had begun to take shape
it twisted and changed an it told a tale
of a boy lost in time 
and a love struck girl
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