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At midnight think of tossing and turning in bed. Think of the sounds of silence  as you drift into slumber.   If you have this name,
I have grown more emotion, as I fill my empty void with memories. My childhood has been replaced with the deep though of death. I've said goodbye 1 to many times. Please don't haunt me my dear sister.
To my dear friend Savannah,     Once we were together, Inseparable. Not able to be broken, Indestructible.
I was born in two halves: Red and Gold Our colors mixed in the wind of our laughter our tears our screams our shared stories Colors flew when we hurled words at each other like vocally loaded bullets 
Dear twin sister,  
Dear Little Sister,You’re not so little now,And you never really were.You’re still 3 minutes younger,So what I say is still true. But,Dear Little Sister,just like how you aren’t so little anymore,Things have changed between us.Such asA rift as str
When the sun disappears, As do the smiles and laughs. The image of the people we know,  Replaced by their melancholy twin. As night settles in, painting the sky black, Little glimmers of stars dot  the void.
  need you because it takes the two of us, To move smoky mountains and conquer forbidden fountains, remember… I need you because it takes the both of us,
Together since the beginning, we were not alone in the womb. We saw our friendship increase  with every additional spring bloom.   Together we learned  and together we grew
I look in my mirror everyday, I always ask "are you ok?" My mirror does not like to talk, only to listen My mirror will never leave me on my mission but what if my mirror is gone? what if I am left all alone?
"Remember my darling - you always have each other." I couldn't tell if it was true or not, my soft brown-green eyes were always searching for someone else that didn't look like me.  
Bound since birth Two souls entwined Same blood Same face But different lives Precious thing I hold most dear
Thinking back to the very fist existence, There was one that cannot be forgotten: Clad in white, adorned with thorns, And many emotions shown on its face. Age alike, the mind even more so.
I would know her in darkness In a storm In a hurricane I would know her blind By her voice Her laugh Her encompassing aura I would know my twin by the sound of her hand
This Face That Face Your Face My Face They were so identical for so long and now they drift, epigenetics taking it's long course Finally
I am twin, and sure sometimes it’s great But I think I should set some things straight Don’t go up whisper in my ear and ask me “Did she hear?” Don’t pinch me then question if she felt it too
Though I have known you for much of my lifeYou always seem to take me by surpriseYou're crazy and random and people say we look alikeBut I don't see it because we aren't even from the same bloodline
She looks like me She talks like me She walks like me Are the same? NO Everbody is different, everybody has their own song UNQUIE  The person that looks like a mirror to me is my twin, 
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