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Something there is that doesnt love a wall That wants it down 'Good fences make good neighbors' Theyre not my Frosted words to recite   But when I write The words bypass my judgement
natures first green will soon be diluted  by the materialistic wants and desires of humans  nature has been the worlds only constant  she's been here before primitive humans were conscious  
I am but a sidewalk, perhaps one less traveled by.
Two poems lie crumpled on the floor, And sorry I had not the patience to read them both, I contemplated throwing them away. But I skimmed through one as best I could
Nature's most beautifulest cravings, desire of lustful emotions. Pupils dilated, heart racing temperature rises, sweat falling, She loves him but he loves what hes getting. We all want it when its coming our way.
Miles away apart from grace, I need your love to guide me through; where no fear is ever known. Though seclude, I feel right at home. Late at night, like my overseer  I feel you watching my every move.
Based off of “Nothing Gold Can Stay” by Robert Frost   Day’s first rise is bright Her bleakest tinge to light Her early beams aglow True beauty showing so slow Then magic disappears
They say the eyes are the windows to the soul poetry is the voice for those who feel voiceless its words that come together to fill up the holes its senteces of happiness but also calls of distress.
Nerves racing, heart pounding, I walk up to the stage. I have to read this poem (just some words written on a page). They're Robert Frost's "Wind and Window Flower" so beautiful but far;
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