Nature's most beautifulest cravings, desire of lustful emotions. Pupils dilated, heart racing temperature rises, sweat falling, She loves him but he loves what hes getting. We all want it when its coming our way. The feeling to be filled and connected as one, a force of thrustful energy. We are a different person when its sex. A whole new world of erotic fantasies. Sex is a starved word we all know easily , a feeling of great pleasure and moaning voices. Glistening skin of sweat and marks. Fingers interwined together with bliss. Sex is lust which is greater than love. We get lust when we cant love. Frost said the world can end in fire or ice, but what i sufficce is lust is fire and love is ice. I rather die in fire of burning passion of lovemaking than to endure love when  it becomes colhearted.

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Intriguing poem to say the least. I think you've raised valid points about the difference between love and lust.

This definitely has be questioning my philosophy and that is what constitutes a good poem for me!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I hope you find what you're looking for. :)


Thank you so much this really means alot :)

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