They say the eyes are the windows to the soul

poetry is the voice for those who feel voiceless

its words that come together to fill up the holes

its senteces of happiness but also calls of distress.

In the soul there is a voice hidden inside

and messages coming from the soul that doesn't want to hide.


All my favorite poets use language as art

Pablo Neruda, Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost,

figurative language, diction and syntax all have their a part

incorporated into the work is a voice that won't be lost.

I want to be like all the great artists,

to create art from language and heart.


Poetry isn't something to be learned

it comes from the soul, like music comes to a musician

poetry is the compilation of the sounds that the soul yearned

all my feelings coming together to make words that blend into a composition.

Poetry is made when it needs to be

its for the young, the old- everyone, can't you see?


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