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You ask me to change myself, constantly You instruct me to turn into someone I'll never be People can't accept me for my true self, actually You thought I'd be sorry for being myself, really?
  “J” meaning jovial & jazzy, Oh and sometimes sassy, But I always remain classy. For the “A” you can say ambitious and adventurous,
          To begin with, I was born in Texas then I moved to Florida a long time ago when I was four years old. I still live in Florida today.
A girl looks in the mirror and see's a brown head girl with blood shot eyes  her eyes are so red like the devils skin. Her mind is spinning and asking herself am I beautiful 
As I consistently remind myself that  for a seventeen year old, I don't feel as if I'm living up to life's fullest potential  'Cause every time I attempt to rent's due or cent's few 
I was raised to be proud, confident, to embrace full.  To ignore the mugs of the brighter skin, Living Melanin. To wear my curly fro & deny any hands to touch for it was my crown.
Every beginning has an end and every enemy was once a friend  deception the act of making someone believe something that is not true  the act of deceiving someone
I am me My past faults have molded me into the person I am today.
My job isn't to make you feel comfortable To show that I care about how you feel about me Everyone repeat after me: MY worth is not diminished by what others think or say about me. ALL TOGETHER NOW. 
Exposed Naked Vulnerable to insult With his x-ray vision he saw through my imperfections And looked into something beautiful. He saw parts of me I kept hidden. Things I threw into a box marked shame.
I walk alone sometimes. you may ask me how i am, i will say that i am fine and i will ask if you would like to walk with me.   I walk alone sometimes. it does not bother me,
Within the consticting walls of social media, I am merely but a single soul, "desperate for attention because I am out of the range of society's normalities." How about you take a closer look before your fill your mouth with judgement.
I see hope. I see light. I see a love For life that might Hide deep inside His heart, Beneath pain and sorrow That tears him apart.   I hear cries. I hear sobs.
I see a strong person. I see a self confident  person. I see a smart person . But what you see Isnt always what really is I am not strong . People look at me with envy  becuse of my grades ,
i wake in the morning, having no warning, of how i would be looked at like i have on a funny hat.   i walk through the halls with no fear at all knowing that who i am
If it isn’t my skin, then what shall it be? The two arms and legs that extend directly from me? That enable me to run past the wind, and jump the hurdles in front of me.
All around me I hear laughter, Yet I am not laughing. They did not hit me, but inside my soul is hurting. I look whole, but inside I am just a pile of broken pieces Waiting, hoping, praying
Who's wild and crazy A girl who's set free someone who listens but can talk to those in need
The skin I'm in is borrowed. I want to peel it back, and destroy my casing.
What is it that you see when you see me?
My shoulders are drooping underneath the heavy weight of expectation. I'm being dragged by the leash of society.
Okay soNice to meet ya but I wouldn't wanna be yaBecause being myself only gives me a spellA kind of happiness one could never tell
My life displayed upon a screen- I live behind a filter; I never say what I think. I’ve been trained to keep my mouth shut, but my lips glossed and pink. Without the social media, I am like all the rest.
Being ***FLAWLESS comes from many a place. Let me share with you, it is not just a perfect face:   It comes from your style, your smile, your curves, your curls. It comes from your flat butt,
I am just me. I have nothing to hide behind these two curtains of mine.  My eyes see all these fake people just barely surviving. I am judged because of my opinions, when in fact they are the truth.
As lifes cards unfold And the world is yours to hold Remember, above all stay Gold.   When all around is black and the weight of the world is on your back when your life begins to form that mold
You are beautiful, I swear. 
Haiku   Freedom to express Invigorates the suppressed. Love's blind, not distressed. 
What makes me tick I haven't hands or a face like a clock Just gears in my head slow and steady whir and buzz   What labels on those gears, dear
If your beauty was light, it would brighten the deepest of oceans and be the envy of the Sun If your beauty was the moon, it would have wolfs howling all night at its precious glow
    When I Look In The Mirror
The girl in the mirror always wanting to differ. Wanting to be slim , not wanting to suffer. But that girl in the mirror, is not really me. She is of my imagination, what I believe I see.
I stand here before you with a smile on my face trying to determine my place in this race for success.
Taped on her mirror Are pictures of Goddesses Angelia, goddess of lips Kim, goddess of curves Twin goddesses Mary Kate and Ashley Deities of being skinny She wakes up
I am not good enough. I am not I am not I am not I am simply…me.   He, she, him, her, they –  all of whom are more talented, creative, good – better than me.
  I woke up today with tears in my eyes. Walked down the hall, Mom asked what was wrong; I couldn't lie.. Mom held me close and whispered in my ear Words that still ring, loud and clear:  
English, Physics, French, History, Algebra, Spanish, Calculus, and Chemistry. Do they not realize our suffering, our pain? Why can't we be taught skills beneficial to retain?
I wait and watch to hear my name, I wait until to see what tomorrow brings, I wait and I find myself listening, hoping, and dreaming.   Ohio brings what Arizona cannot, Humidity, winter, blazing summers
I'm always the type of girl, whose not scared going out without make-up, doesn't care if my hair is a mess, or what others think of me   i know I'm different but who wants to be ordinary,
  Her electric soul, her aching soul is scared and shines a cowardly light. They call her humble, humble and divine. Who wouldn’t love a girl with skin so fine?
Some people find that peace of mindComes after second guessing,Rearranging words and deedsFixing all the "dressing"But me I'm more, another brand,I'm on a whole new level.I second guess a million times
Some people find that peace of mindComes after second guessing,Rearranging words and deedsFixing all the "dressing"But me I'm more, another brand,I'm on a whole new level.I second guess a million times
Being rewarded: to receive something for doing something. It's a great feeling whether it be cash or whatever with we're dealing.  It sort of a mental healing.  To feel accepted and recognized,
I write this poem is for you,Because you have an honest soul,Because you've cried yourself to sleep at night at least once before.
I looked at her I took a good long, long look at her At moments she was as pretty as the multi-colored sunset, waving goodbye as it faded it into the ocean
A poet wears no badge, nor hat with "literate" scrawled across it, nor x-ray glasses with which to examine all inequities in every passerby passing by   A poet wears a mask,
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