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It feels deep; a sea or an ocean maybe! No ground beneath; I'm drowning. I'm drowning. I feel going down with every effort, going in vain. These weights make it hard to get back up, Oh! These chains!
I had a dream last night that pierced my soul.It opened my eyes and challenged me to say good byeTo anything hindering me from becoming the Woman I was destined to be. 
Therapy. A coping method. Conditions that can leave you breathless. Therapy. A one on one session. Not seeing some shrink that will keep you guessing. Therapy.
Dear past oppressors, I don't forgive your malice. I don't know if I ever will. The damage done is certain, all your taunts, they haunt me still. My self-image has been shattered.
      Dear anyone who’s going through a rough time, Currently, I’m on a riptide. Life has slowly began to come to a high but I know, in time another fall will follow. I had to be hurt, many times 
Dear Past Me, I know its so hard to let go. The world isn't against you like you always thought it was. The world is just the world. And You are just you. Be. Be awake every morning.
I need to scratch the bone Beneath my skin And rip out second-hand thoughts Embedded in my brain
The first time I danced   I didn’t comprehend    As the steps got monotonous   And the dance sluggish I was engulfed In an agonizing frenzy   My dance   Extravagant My feet
Hold on, stop! Let me get a moment to myself. Give me just a moment…. can I get a breather for myself? Okay... okay, I got you after I get this for myself pleaseeee.
Wouldn’t it be easy? A hand full of pills, Gently sliding down my throat, Poisoning my body,
Never fail to notice your intuition Enduring life When it becomes chaotic Compelled to make rapid decisions My mind is gifted
And when life becomes the longest thing you have ever experienced;the most difficult essay you have ever written;the most somber song you have ever performed,
I will not be silent. I will not compromise myself to win the approval of my peers. I will not base my decisions off of what other people advise me to do.
If I were to change something big or small Would it be my height? Sometimes I were I were small But this would only please myself temporarily No, have confidence. I AM TALL  
We all feel like we’re worthless I’m not good enough I’m not pretty enough or thin enough Or I’m too short, too tall I feel like my parents secretly hate me And I’m the joke my friends are laughing at
Reasons for writing , my silent scream a voice never heard may be more than it seems in a world where most talk, with very few that listen to whom do I tell when I feel a part of me missing
When I sit down with a paper and a pen,my mind starts to assemble a puzzle of words.I paint a picture in my mind, over and over again.Sentences for brushes - my imagination is the color palette,
Does gravity push or pull down?  Push shows force.  Push shows anger.  Push shows victim.  Push shows weakness.  Push is struggle.  Pull shows power.  Pull shows support.
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