All the Ways


Wouldn’t it be easy?

A hand full of pills,

Gently sliding down my throat,

Poisoning my body,

And finally putting me at rest.

A small, hard hand gun,

Cold in my clammy hands.

Shaking and making it harder.

A bullet in my head,

Will end it in a second.

The pain that is constantly on my mind,

The pain that takes over my body.

A simple jump off a high building.

Standing on the ledge,

One deep breath and a step off the edge.

A few seconds to know what I’ve done and regret it

Just before I hit.

“Just picture it being soft at the bottom.”

Words that are constantly going through my head.

Maybe I shouldn’t end it,

Just ease it.

A little blade over my wrist,

Pushing down just a little.

Taking the inside pain to the outside.

The deep red blood pours out

But is diluted as tears fall over it.

Only a few pills,

Will ease the pain,

Kill the brain.

Help to live a little longer.

Drugs and alcohol ease the ache,

Help me forget for a little while.

If only I knew what would happen if I ended it.

Heaven or hell.

That would determine my decision.

The notes already written.



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