She hides all her scars under her sleeves,

The feeling of her sadness spreading like a disease.

The colored leaves scatter, falling all around,

And she walks on alone, her eyes glued to the ground.

Her head is still above the water but it won’t be for long

Because everything that ever was good, all seems to be gone.

Walking down the winding path on her way to school,

She hears the whispers from people calling her a fool.

The only thing she doesn’t seem to understand

Are the things they seem to say are all in her head.

They don’t think she’s crazy, weird, or a freak,

But instead they admire her for always being unique.

She’s a splash of vivid color in a world that’s a dull grey,

But they don’t understand that she’s slowly fading away.

Her confidence is shot, just like her self-esteem

And she wants to be alone so she can just dream

Of a place that’s far, far away from here

Where her worries are gone and so are her fears.

Her teachers don’t get it; they only worry about her grades

Her parents don’t see either; so she turns to the blade.

Her tears stain her hoodie as her arms ooze blood,

A constant reminder of the girl she once was.

She looks down at her scars and frowns in disgust,

She no longer smiles. For it seems to be lost.

But she didn’t lose her smile, it’s still right there,

Just waiting for the moment when it can re-appear.

She looks straight ahead, staring into space,

As the blood continues to pour at an unsafe pace.

Her breathing starts to become shallow as she closes her eyes,

Then the door bursts open and her mother screams in surprise.

She rushes to her daughter’s side, tears streaming down her face,

As she gathers her little girl into a tight embrace.

She runs down the stairs with her daughter in her arms,

As she screams to her husband, ‘hurry start the car!’

Her father grabs her little brother and puts him in the backseat

He starts to ask questions, like ‘what happened?” and “was sissy beat?’

He doesn’t seem to understand what’s happening at the moment,

But he knows it must be bad cuz no words are being spoken.

They rushed her right away into the emergency room,

While her parents sat there wishing there was something they could do.

Now they both are wondering where they went wrong!

How could they not see that she was barely holding on?

Her mom blames herself as her father hits a wall.

Then it hits her little brother hard and he suddenly starts to bawl.

He screams in pain as he hopes she’ll be okay.

He needs her with him; he needs her there every day!

As the sky darkens and transitions into night,

They can’t do much, other than pray she’ll be alright.

After a long eight hours sitting out in the waiting room

The doctors come out to give them the grave news.

They sadly say that they couldn’t save their little girl

And that’s when a terrible silence invades their world.

The next week the entire town is surrounding the coffin.

The teachers she had wish they’d been there more often.

The girls and the boys from all of her classes,

Silently wish they’d never made fun of her glasses.

It’s eerily quiet as they lower the coffin into the ground

Everything is muted; no one utters a sound.

What would they say? What would they do?

They think of the girl in the coffin, The one they all knew.

I know it’s hard and it feels like there’s no way out.

Like all you wanna do is scream and shout.

And it feels like everything is going wrong!

But you mean the world to people and you are so very strong.

Don’t worry about their opinions. They don’t even matter!

Just think about all the hearts you would shatter.

So stay strong and stand tall.

Because I know for a fact, you can make it through it all.

Live each and every day like it might be your last.

Because, believe me I know, everything seems to go by so fast.

It might take a while, to find what you need to.

But everyone’s world would become so much darker, without you.

I promise you dear, Everything will be alright.

And it won’t be too long til you see the light.

You may feel like you mean nothing; not to anyone,

But you don’t have to be important to everyone!

There are so many people who won’t let you down.

They’d jump in the water in a heartbeat, just to make sure you don’t drown.

Open your eyes love! Look at all the people.

Your life is like a storybook and only you can write the sequel.

But if you give up there won’t be an end,

Because only you my dear hold the pen.

You can write what you may and publish what you choose

Think of it this way, ‘What have you got to lose?’

You create your own destiny.

You don’t have to be just another face in the yearbook. Can’t you see?

You’re creative and funny and sweet.

You are you; and you won’t submit to defeat.

So don’t sit around and drown in your own sorrow.

Because after all, only you can create a better tomorrow.


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