Dear Past Me,I know

Sat, 12/30/2017 - 13:35 -- Lotti

Dear Past Me,

I know its so hard to let go.

The world isn't against you like you always thought it was.

The world is just the world.

And You are just you.


Be awake every morning.

Be happy when your daughter laughs.

Be inamoured by the way the light hits the oily spills on the ground.

Be fearless in times of change 

Be sad when you feel lost 

Be hopeful when you get a glimpse of something seemly impossible.

Be your breath.

Be your own bestfriend 

And when it feels like your enitre future is being ripped from your hands and 

everything you thought you had perfectly planned falls on top of you and pushes all the air from your chest

to the point that , NOT breathing would be easier than TRYING to breath...

Be Broken.

Be there to feel every broken piece that stabs your heart 

Be there.

Don't abandon the only person that has been there for you from the begining.

Be hurt but be strong.

Be an Architect.

Pick up the pieces and throw out the expectations.

Build yourself back up.

Be stronger.

Be in this moment.

Be here.

Be you.

Love, Lotti.




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