It doesn't matter who you are

It captures your attention


It wraps you up in her temptations

You'll be free soon


With a tender touch and warm embrace

It can all end now



But what it doesn't tell you

Is the affects it has on the world around you

But the earth will keep spinning

The seasons will keep changing

The stars will still shine



Suicide doesn't tell you

How your mother will sit and stare blankly out the window

Wondering where it is she went wrong


Suicide won't tell you

How your father sheds tears in the dark silent corner of his room

Wishing he could have you back in his arms, his baby, his life


Suicide won't tell you

How your sister will never be able to sleep again

because she keeps looking up at your closed door, wishing it was you

lying asleep under the covers instead of the orphaned teddy bears and pillows

you abandoned


Suicide won't tell you

How your best friend will never be able to smile again because she blames herself,

saying if she had only known

If she had only known

If only you would have let someone in


Suicide doesn't tell you that


Suicide fills your head with sweet lies

The back of your mind is a cold dark place

And I understand

Don’t get too close, you’re going to get hurt

Don’t walk on the edge, you’re going to fall



Don’t give up

Don’t let the clouds invade your sky

There’s always a sun behind them

Don’t let it win

You can’t let it win

You’re allowed to scream

You’re allowed to cry

You’re allowed to pull at your hair and stomp your feet


You’re not allowed to stop

Don’t stop



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