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T’was the middle of the day and all was about. All were awake, except for one snout.   Throughout the busy city and the peaceful neighborhood, 
Dear santa clause, this christmas make me happy  not bull shit reason for the season happy  real happy belly laughing happy  present, never wanting this moment to end happy 
The man walked across the street and picked up a can out of a recycling bin. He placed the can in a plastic bag in his shopping cart. It was dark out. He had a long white beard.  
 Santa is quite famous with all the girls and boys;He slips silently down the chimney with a bag of toys;His boots are brightly shining his coat is velvet soft;His beard is gleaming white all his buckles polished off;He places many presents beneat
Children laughing and Having a merry time while playing, Reindeer games all around. I wish I could see Santa in his sleigh on Christmas Eve. Time of the year where everyone rejoices.
I believe in fairy tales so hopefully happiness can cure my soulI'm waiting on the Christmas bells praying Santa doesn't bring me coalI'm praying for Santa to give me those green eyes of happiness
It was 11 o'clock on Christmas eve Everyone was heading to bed When all of the sudden someone said "do you hear that" Here what we said "the noise it's sounds like bells overhead"  
The poem, A Marvelous Day, is based on a prompt from my poetry writing course and the book Writing Poems by Boisseau, Michelle and Wallace, Robert.
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