Christmas Eve


It was 11 o'clock on Christmas eve

Everyone was heading to bed

When all of the sudden someone said

"do you hear that"

Here what we said

"the noise it's sounds like bells overhead"


We ignored them and continued our ways

As we do everyday 

All of us except little mike

Who heard the bells and the like


So he crept downstairs 

Because no one seems to care 

When all of the sudden he heard it again

It's Santa it must be him


So little mike hid under the tree 

So he could get a look at Santa, just one look and then he'd believe 


So for the rest of the night

Little mike

Laid under the tree 

Until he heard footsteps so he took a knee 


"it was Santa I knew it was him

All of the bells all of them"


So when Mike peeked from the tree he got a little shock

To see Santa laying down the presents all across 


He got up you see

To get a closer look

But as soon as he go to near

Santa vanished , disappeared 

Mike was confused as most people would be as he appeared then vanished like a magician but with no smoke and mirrors 


So mike laid amongst the presents

And nobody noticed till the morning not even the parents

But when he awoke the sun was bright 

And he realized he had an interesting night 

He went upstairs to his mom and dad 

To tell about the adventure he had 

No one believed his story 

Not a single family member not even Cory 

But when Mike opened his present

It was a letter with a picture of Santa 

Saying "Mike next year i'll stay a little longer I mean it I am sincere."


So for years after 

Mike stayed awake 

To have the meet and greet that he wanted to capture 

But to his disappointment

Santa never came to his appointment....

That is until 

One night little mike jr

Screamed with fright 

Exclaiming "it's him he's real"

So Mike walked down the stairs and sure enough he was there 

Alive in the flesh like he remembered that long time ago in December 

"I told you I'd be back Mike,

Sorry it took so many nights"

And like that he was gone

Just as light was breaking dawn

Overhead he heard bells

And someone yell merry Christmas to all and to all.... Well a good morning



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