Mrs. Clause

 Santa is quite famous with all the girls and boys;He slips silently down the chimney with a bag of toys;His boots are brightly shining his coat is velvet soft;His beard is gleaming white all his buckles polished off;He places many presents beneath our Christmas tree;And then on Christmas morning the kids have a jubilee;But Santa has a helper of whom you seldom hear;She helps him Make his presents and care for his reindeer;She keeps his clothes all spiffy and his beard she does trim;Without loving Mrs. Clause Santa'd sure t'be out on a limb;All through out the year she bakes him sweets and pies;To keep him nice and chubby with a twinkle in his eyes;When her daily chores are over and Santa's fast asleep;She sits beside the fire knitting while elves are counting sheep;She knows that on Christmas night when Santa's work is done;He deserves a present too even such a small one;When her knitting's done she'll wrap the present well;The elves know what it is but they would never tell;

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