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  Soldier By Sophie Leveille     He’s undeniably dead, Suddenly gone, And never coming back. He fell to the floor without a second thought. No wish or cry can resuscitate him.
A moment, stuck in the breath of a lost memory. It's cold and will not breath the same again. A heart is frozen, wrapped in born sadness of lost words.
The pain, the sorrows, the  noises, are all consuming me.  Every where I look, there is something that reminds me of that experience and my existence.
My grandmother told me of a place Where she played as a kid She never said how she found it But it’s gone now  
The typical words of pain, hurt and shame are the emotions that are commonly phrased  by every teenager's thoughts who are all the same. These feelings, thoughts that are jumbled up in my brain
I miss you in the little things In the way your spirit danced across the stage Always so eager to play a part away from the harsh reality of your life. In the way you refused to pick a side: 
I could feel myself start to change Becoming something that was deranged. My heart raced, even skipped a beat As I surrendered, admitting defeat   Here comes the pain And as it started, so did the rain
Can't decide between what's wrong or what's right Confused about what to do about everyone around me I have found true love from someone who cares Feeling trapped because of grief
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