Can't decide between what's wrong
or what's right
Confused about what to do about everyone around me
I have found true love from someone who cares
Feeling trapped because of grief

Getting into trouble
It's just not like me
Disappoint everyone that truly cares about me
Thinking why should I care
Feeling trapped because of grief

Deciding if I should fight this person
or should I keep myself out of big trouble
want to do what I want to do
but things just keeping getting in my way
trapped because of grief and there's no turning back

People want to make me upset and
get me into trouble that I don't need for myself
want to see me react to their stupid actions
rumors spreading around everyday
Trapped like a bird in its cage because of grief

Confused on why I do the things I do
don't know what I want to do
Try to decide if I should do what's right
Or do what's wrong
Trapped like I'm in jail for the biggest mistake of my life because of the same thing: grief
This is all just too much for me
Stress that's unnecessary isn't good for me
Don't know what I'm going to do
Mom said just to hang in there
Maybe I'm still trapped
But when you have loss a loved one
That can be the worst
It could be the saddest day of your wholesome life
The person you care about the most is now in a better place

The feelings you are feeling can't be trapped inside
All the memories that you shared
will be remembered for the rest of your life
remembering how much they meant to you

People who actually care about you
They understand what you're going through
know all about what happened to you
being treated by that same one loved one as if you were their very own

They tell you follow your dreams
and say your destined for greatness
they are proud when they see you do good
you're thinking you don't want to let them down

Keep up with your grades
and do well in school
don't let anyone tell you what t do
be yourself and don't be a follower

The day came when my grandmother passed away
it was like having my heart ripped out
it took me a while to get over it
however, I will miss you Grammie


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