She Took Over Me


I could feel myself start to change

Becoming something that was deranged.

My heart raced, even skipped a beat

As I surrendered, admitting defeat


Here comes the pain

And as it started, so did the rain

Tears down my face, blood on my arms

No self-worth, so I did self-harm


I became dark, I became possessed

And with her, did I become obssessed

She showed me things I'd never let myself do

But, anything can happen, when you're not you


A unification of anger, sadness and hopelessness

Created Depression, at her best

She opened my eyes to suicide

Because I was out of tears to cry


Beware of this, she will take control

But, she will also make you feel whole

It feels so good, when you know it's bad

You'll become addicted and with you never had.


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