Death Strikes Twice, In Both The Living And The Deceased.


A moment, stuck in the breath of a lost memory.

It's cold and will not breath the same again.

A heart is frozen, wrapped in born sadness of lost words.

Oh how I wish those words died in your ears as you could have heard them.

Tears follow and like any emotion, over power the mind and soul, loosing control.

Moments pass and everything begins to fade.

This changing world was nither for the better or for the worse, but could have been avoided,

if not for the greedy, black, ashed hands of death.

A grip so strong on a body so fragile.

Moments, minutes, hours, they all feel the same.

Questions, wonders, lost answers, crash together in the swollen parts of my brain.

Am I the only one in this freezing room that feels this?

This, this, this....thorn in my heart?

This terrible trembling in my bones as if I will become the one that crubles into dust?

Surley, I can't be. I can't be so alone? Can I?

Are you? Now are you alone?

In a box so cold, and closed. I feel your lonesomeness. I feel numb.

You feel nothing. I feel numb.

Now you're gone. Now I'm gone, yet I'm still here.

Knowing that time stands for no one and now that you sleep eternaly,

I continue alone but surrounded by the soon victumes of the fate you were pressed upon.

You may be the one that has the immortal closed eyes, but I know that deep inside,

I'm the one that has died.





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