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When I look at her, Thousands of butterflies Fill my stomach And bounce back and forth, Trying desperately to get free.   When I look at her,
Please never stop smiling. Your smile brightens up my whole world, your smile is so unique - I love it. You are unique and special and perfect in your own way.
They ask me what's wrong ? How come your so sad ?  but then I blow it off and deflect .......... "oh its nothing " " really its nothing like that ! Then all of a sudden I'm left panicking SCREAMING ON THE INSIDE 
My job isn't to make you feel comfortable To show that I care about how you feel about me Everyone repeat after me: MY worth is not diminished by what others think or say about me. ALL TOGETHER NOW. 
I am a child of the sun, kissed to a golden caress of honey skin, shining bright on the outside from the light within I am the bird that flies without limitation through the endless sky, filled with the light blue hue of my aspirations
Unmask me, what is it you see?  A striking smile, but I see a weary girl, seeking her strength. Green eyes hunting for her soul. Unmask me, what is it you see? Behind the eye shadow and lip gloss,
A pale white mask sits all alone Waiting to be put on and waiting to be shown. Hidden behind it is an identity unknown The flaws and imperfections everyone loathes.
Mirror mirror on the wall,who's the brightest star? Who has the talent and looks to win it all?
I just woke up, my hairs a stickn mess With a flip of da wrist, I'm bringing sexy back Its 0 degrees outside, my cars still warm I parked in a garage, eat that Running late to school, teachers late
It took me years to realize that I’m more than just a comparison,A comparison to a magazine cover, to a GPA, to a friend or to a sibling.I’m not you, I’m not him, I’m not her… I’m me.  I’m just me.And I, am flawless.
You tell me I am flawed
Perfection; The most desired thing, The all-consuming and pointless thing, That so many obsess and hurt themselves over.   There are so many things we all want to change,
I am my scars They paint my body, and my heart A story for the reader If they can see it   The one on my wrist from petting a cat Visiting a shelter, holding death I went despite my allergies
My body is a temple built upon rolling hills that collide with the clouds and can almost touch the sky. My body is a temple full of growth, sunshine, green pastures, and sweet melodies.
When you were little, you were small. Everyone was. When you were little, no one cared about the size of your jeans, Just the size of your dollhouse and the shape of your backyard
I play softball,
I'm lost in a world that wants to bring me down
Being impeccable is over-rated, unattainable, impossible, and even outdated. I prefer my goofy smile,  and my spontaneous, overbearingly hectic lifestyle, over that of a life monotonous with perfection.  
To be brought and to age      in a world of masks To be raised and trained      to forge my own To be afraid to be without it   At the end of the day      I'm still me
I was broken. Shattered.
I am a paradox with skin and bones. The Sleeping Repunzel you pass in the hall way.
I have feet that graze the ground with each step I take.   Legs so powerful that carry my weight   and knees that allow them to bend.   I have a stomach that supports the innermost parts of me
The people that reside here in this mess Would have you believe
I am flawlessly flawed and that’s why I’m awed to be in this world created by God. Every hair on my head, even the ones still messy from bed, Are exactly where he meant them to be.  
The images flashing across TV screens,
I'm alright, everything is fine I just be myself, no need to whine No need for other's opinions Only need the people that matter to me  And most importantly... myself!
They tell me emotion is weakness. They say I feel far too much to create something productive. But I can't control it. I am me, Because of what I feel. They say I speak far too excitedly,
Mom and Dad you can't write my script, this y'all will never understand. I am my owm person,I do what I want, not meetings yours or anyone else's demands.
I wake up, I look in the mirror and I see this beautiful girl staring back at me. I look at my waist, my belly, my thighs, twice the size of my friends who brag about not eating at lunch
I used to wake up flawedand put my heart on a shelfthinking I had to make room"There's no room to love yourself."
    The world is filled with upset teens Burdened with the pressure of perfection. Always striving to be lean,
bugs crawling under my skin tiny whispers the itch of trillions of legs uglyloserwrongawkwardwrongweird no No NO i am not ruined i am not a burning building i am not damaged goods
I know that i have beauty within but choose to display it only threw sin. Life seems shallow and with much fault which allows me to set free demons and wrong but it seems right like my most favorite song.
I will always root for the underdog or the person who is never heard. Shame on the people with stitches on their ears or staples in their eyes. Don't make me want to show you how much it actually hurts.
It's funny how things work   I'm from a city that tries to make you forget your worth.   A city full of broken dreams and promises,   Guns ringing off on summer nights,
I am a body.
L iving without self-hatred. O beying the standards I've set for myself.
today i found a water stained book entitled “how to be happy”
I am alone,
I am convinced that Pandora knows me too well. As I browse the list of prospective  genres, artists, and songs, my mind analyzes and reiterates the generic
Learning acceptance of what cannot be changed, Gaining knowledge of destruction, Unveiling of the path which cannot be ignored, Learning old ways which cannot be ignored,
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