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  My sweet, No that’s not right. My love? Darling? Sweetheart? I can come back to that, It’s fine.
i saw you avoiding us at school today soul scooped outta your eyes i heard that you guys broke up yesterday your tears behind her smile
My eyes split black wood into one another  Of flowers between faultless squares  They’re flexible enough to be enemies of my plots containing ash and historic soil  I rain green upon sacred mountains 
I end up loving people who won’t fight for me. Girls like us only know pain We know the turning against our family The isolation of friends
I hate when people I used to know reaper Like they’re waiting for me to thank them for coming back The ever-present question hangsTaints the air “Aren’t you going to ask me where’ve I been?” I do not look for shadows in blinding lightMy vision has
  I don't know how you don't see, what you have done to me. I can't believe how dumb I was To have trusted you when my mind was a fuzz.
Bam bam! One fist after the other. Pow pow! One too many hits.
I've watched my life take a toll and I've paid the price. Sleepless night and demons who still know my name. I put my thoughts in a wrinkled notebook and think their safe there.
Are love stories wonderful or horrible   i typed that on google the day it hurt   you know back in the day   i had love   I hoped he'd say I love you
  shame fulled regretsburn holes in my hearti'm not sure where or when your feelings toward me changedits like when i see youeye contact between the two of usis illegal or a simple hello is wrong
We fight and we fuss, But in me you must trust! Because you are the one I LOVE? These are all lies a man will use to get what he wants. Very sickening thoughts! DON'T fall for the things he has bought!
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