Love stories. Wonderful or horrible?

Are love stories wonderful or horrible
i typed that on google the day it hurt
you know back in the day
i had love
I hoped he'd say I love you
he never said
in 5th grade
i had 5 stories
2 of them were fake
later on I realized my mistake 
i was too young 
to earn love
these are quotes from a book
that magically found them self in my life
"Forever is an incorrect concept."
i thought I would be with the last guy
Forever when I was in 5th grade
"If you want the rainbow, you need the rain
he was the 1st guy
i broke up with him. 
Teacher got mad 
that was the rain
it was over
i found my rainbow
"Why do we love the people that hurt us the most?"
that night I cried and cried. 
I was so afraid of what 
he was going to say 
"wrist are made for bracelets not for cutting."
i wanted to die
it was this big black sheet of depression
"sHE beLIevED"
i believed he loved me
i was wrong
when he called me 
pretty,beautiful, and cute
he lied
when he said he loved me
he lied
"he broke my heart but I still loved him with all the pieces."
i loved him since the 
last time we talked
i met him in 
high school....again 
it hurt more than anything 
after I searched,
it was official
love stories are horrible
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