A Love Poem- By Eva Lammlin


My sweet,

No that’s not right.

My love? Darling?


I can come back to that, It’s fine.

I want you to know that I love you to the moon and back.

No, that’s way too cliche

I want to… Hmph. Nope.

If I gathered all of the red roses in the world 

And had them together in a really pretty bow,

They still would not compare to your beauty.

No I can’t start a love letter off with how beautiful someone is.

That’s shallow and definitely not what defines how much you love someone.

This was an awful idea.

I’ve got nobody to write about.

How can I make a love poem when there’s nobody to write it for?

Things like this are why I question if I'm even capable of 

Loving another

Let me just… I’ll just try again.

The way your hand feels in mine-

I can’t think of anyone to use for this.

When did I last hold someone

I loved this way?

Have I ever?

When I first met you, my…

I- you

I can’t do this.

How could I write a love poem

When there’s no love

In my life?

My own parents didn’t even

Love each other.

How will I know

When I fall in love?

I never had an example.

Maybe someone will show me.

I hope someone does.

I hope it’s soon.

Then maybe I can actually write

This damn poem,

And I won’t just be guessing.


This poem is about: 
My family


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