teenage drama be like

i saw you

avoiding us at school today

soul scooped outta your eyes

i heard that

you guys broke up yesterday

your tears behind her smile

you ran mad

messed up, just three weeks

already felt like y’all were lying

when she told ya

you weren’t like the guy

she thought she used to like

she never

casts her choices into stone

saw it coming, you still cried

not that you ain’t feeling great

it’s that you ain’t feeling

great, complicated, you know

cause you just wanna let it go

but the crinkles in her smile

kinda brighten up your day

ya know i know

we been drowning, same boat

captain take my orders

imma jump off overboard

you too? but before i go dude


loving all these girls

and just love yourself more

know it’s hard to forget her

but you can love yourself better, bro.


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