shame fulled regrets
burn holes in my heart
i'm not sure where or when your feelings toward me changed
its like when i see you
eye contact between the two of us
is illegal or a simple hello is wrong
you treated our so called relationship as if it where a game
im women enough to admit that sometimes
i fall way to hard way too fast
when your fooled by love so many times
it seems its the only way to be
most people say that words hurt
but silence is the worst pain
when he passes by me without speaking
lord please tell me where we went wrong
his silence speaks volumes
its the loudest scream
a friend once said to me
if you found a book of your life would be proud of the things in it.?
i couldn't answer her
because of you
the short amount of time we did spend together
i did somethings that im not all to proud to speak of
hoping that you would fall like i did
or at least stumble
how did i let myself slip back into this place of
not knowing where i stand with you
are we friends.?
if nothing else
why am i still holding on?


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