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His carcus lies outside naked and rotting discarded limbs push out of the bin protruding skywards his murder, i plead insanity he drove me round the bend he drew from his pockets
New year. No clue what to do, who to be, how to act You set all these resolutions that you never fulfill Trying to figure out what's ahead. What life had planned for you
The tik-tok of the clock The whistling and hissing of the winter air Roaring and screaming that suddenly stops Long enough for a heart to beat once The resounding gong of the clock that struck twelve
When I was six years old I sat in a darkened closet hugging my knees to my chest. 
The taste of alcohol on his lips, With nothing gained, nothing is lost, The marks of a night spent together, To part ways again when morning breaks, Thoughts do love to wonder,
It's true to say, Every girl has flaws, And it's true that its displayed Every guy has been clawed. But ones for sure, For me it's a personal tour.   I can say that I've loved
i think the hardest part is quit being mad at myself. I hate what I am. I want to change but i feel like i dont know where to start and i feel as if i will just regress and go back to how i am.
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