young adult

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I was invited to a movie night out with my friends It was Friday, it would do none of us harm. This was our time to have fun and forget
Ring… ring… ring… Voicemail. “I guess I’ll try again” Ring… ring.. “Hello?” Shit. My voice sounds like someone else.
The ache of my hands My innermost feelings bleeding onto the page Like hot fiery lava I am the volcano with the weight of the world inside my heart Just seconds away from erupting
Lately, everything feels a little more impossible unstoppable, improbable, those dream bubbles?
 It’s funny, how much a person can change over the years.  You still look like me in a way, with just a little more baby fat and a little less height.  Your eyes, however, are nearly unrecognisable.
January – Just establishing new year resolutions, just dreaming about who I want to be, just looking back over the past year The Beginning.
A renegade of cultures past, A renegade from traditions forgotten, Holding on to values from the past, Lessons that lay today, forgotten.
Day 1 Trigger-happy gigglersWe laugh on instinctErupting roars around the roomlike criss-cross apple sauce trip minesToo short for ridesCondemning tattle-talesSelectively breeding kickball sides
I pieced all the evidence together and found that I, most likely, came from a ripped up piece of latex, one snowy summer night in a cabin down in New Mexico. Yet, though I came from broken things and with unexpected news,
 “Go with your gut feeling."    I don’t feel anything   Except the heat from my brain Coupled with the pain of thinking of him Cause I can’t, Won’t let myself stop thinking of you
  I don't believe in them Especially when people play the roles I'm sleep, thinking I’m dreaming them   I met a boy and asked him what he thought of our relationship a stranger when it knocks on golden doors
Hey Remember When? Hey remember when the leaves were full and the summer young? Back when we were innocent and fun loving? When our future was as bright as the summer sun?
I’m from that delicious solitude. It looks crowded in the happiest times, and empty when sadness crawls.
Like many summer months in bloom, promising life, light, love When the sun would hug you in its warmth and caress your hopes with gentle rays of bright light and subtle praise
I realized today that I don’t love you. It’s kinda sad to say, but I know it’s true. I ran away from this, because you’re the one who. Saved me.
Love is us Sometimes i think words have difference definitions because love is you. When i look in your eyes its like im on vacation sitting by the pool like your eyes are blue.
Times a wasting and I'm running out of patience then again more like out of time. The clock tells the story and lipstick on the glass still there so you remain on mind.
I’m writing this poem because I thought of you Sometimes I don’t know what to do All I ever do, is think about you Somewhere deep inside my heart You always know how to make it start I know we may be miles apart
You know i can't live without you I know this can be a clue I will do anything for you My heart is in your hand I hope that will forever stand You’re someone special to me Like it was meant to be
She's standing there, all alone... She doesn't know where to go. Can you hear her crying? Can't you see the way she's dying!? He was lying, she was trying, but all that happened was this fighting!
Your short, im tall Your hearts big, mines small You make me laugh, sometimes im cry You like to smoke, so we get high I tell you things, you always listen Were almost their but somethings missin
I noticer her in my dreams, I find her in my mind, Only true beauty I see with my own two eyes. Love is the key, The key to my destiny, providing the beat to our everlasting eternity.
I want to be lain in the skies above… Endlessly floating into oblivion beside a million dying stars. I long to be cradled by the billowing mists and blanketed by the sun’s rays… Kissing and marking my bare shoulders
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