I’ll Tell You When It’s Over


everything feels a little more impossible

unstoppable, improbable,

those dream bubbles?

They're poppable.


The meaning of unobtainable,

untrainable, with no supervision

Another headlong collision

between hot air and a cold front


Facades frozen over and melted

emotions dripping, thawed in the sunlight

when I know it's all just smoke and mirrors


A portal, a pathway, a sun speck leftover

and spit out from another dimension


I live here.


and I call these black holes my home,

the place where I rest my heart

Banking on a soft restart


Wondering why it has to matter

and make me madder

I always said I'm better sadder

24, still can't hold her bladder


Everyone tells you growing up means

paying bills but nobody tells you

you'll never touch quicksand

You are the quicksand,

and you can lose yourself in it


You'll never be batman but you'll be a hero

in your own mind, in your own time,

You'll learn magic isn't real

and then you'll unlearn it


Magic is real, but you can't contain it

paint a picture and frame it,

it doesn't look flashy but you can name it

you can't explain it


The way love makes you feel

when you meet someone real, feelings congealed

congested with contentment. Old hat.

Fraying, worn, smells like strawberries and cream

See now this is the kind of dream

where I don't wanna wake up

Is my time up?


I was just getting used to be alive

This poem is about: 
Our world


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