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Once Upon a Time In a castle on a hill Lived a princess of nursery rhyme Who changed her life with an iron will   Cinderella a classic story A cinematic hoot From Grimm her tale is gory
“Happy New Year!” I said to you, “My how it has come so fast! But now is a time to rejoice and celebrate Our future despite the past.”   “Join with me friend! Say, why are you down?
We are born screaming, crying, and fighting for life. We are a generation born into a world full of problems our parents have created and we are the ones expected to fix them. We are the ones blamed for being ignorant
What I see is different how can this be The light in my eyes are a bit brighter than yours My heart beats and thinks lesser than yours I feel like a wildflower in a pool of roses
I am passionate, I fear what I do not see I feel for everyone I am passionate I walk with god every day I cry for what is important I am passionate I love to make art I love to work hard
Ever so thirsty Yearning for one single drip That will never come
how rough is your life?  was it rougher than mine did you have a mother that loved you?  cause mine abounded me do you have food to eat? are you a bum on the street  clothes on your back
To wipe away their tears To help over come their fears To be a hand to hold To help their lives unflold   To take away that pain Help them begin again To show them what is true
There are a thousand thing
The Language of God By: Carrie Olsen   I am in a land that is not my own. No one knows what I am saying. Unrestricted, uncensored, I am free. I have a power over them, they do not understand me.
Although it seems to be in the trees, or maybe that sun, or birds, or bees, that make us all feel a bit more alive, I think this solution resides inside. Happiness can't be contracted like the flu,
I'd change the construction business. They stop traffic Take up time And NEVER seem to finish the job.   Late to work, The only thing the tires get is dirt.   The way it is built
What sustains life on earth What began life on earth What we rely on day by day for the relief in our bodies It’s chopping the thread that holds his life   The thread is cut deep
I dream of world, our world A world where kindess is a first instinct where we stand together in all times we work together to better the world my world, our world
What has this world come to?Where we have to hold a slam to say what needs to be changed.
Is the value of simple paper more than what we make it? Does it matter if we break a twenty or we save it? Think About it, Why do we care so much about money, When there’s people surviving only off milk and honey?
What if I could change one thing about my life  I would take away all the pain and the srtife All the talk about my size and height I would want to start life over and do things right  
I was only seven when they said id never achieve it. I was just a girl and Id never achieve it. I guess I was stupid cause I began to believe it. As I grew up I realized I had begun to believe it.
There are many things That I would change. Some things revolving around Physical appearance. Some being people's personalities. The thing I would want to change most Is the way the society works
It's that feeling you get
Your that cool kid walking through school. Passing by others who arent like you. Seeing kids sitting by themselves, being made fun of by everyone else. You stop and stare. There is no one anywhere.
In Africa, the sunset is not like Athens where the colors come out at night, after the city burns hazy red with car emissions.   Or in London where settling light is damp like watercolors that
Wait Wait no more I can't stay Can't stand here And dream And wait Wait Just standing around My feet planted here On unholy ground While people walk by Silent
A needThe emptiness of a soulThe desire to be wantedA hopeless caseWanting to be heard A messageHaving so much to sayBut no one to listenHating myselfAnd everyone else
I got inspired by this group you see, three ordinary college kids never guess who they could be, just kickin it on an ordinary day, but telling an extraordinary story with the words that they say.
Transfixed by my own gaze, I see not who I am, but what I have become. unhappy with this site, I caring on in a daze What I see makes me feel dumb. I am concerned with where my mind has gone
Light is like a spot in the night, It is a tiny tiny twinkle in twilight, How small it can be in some places, It could be the white on my laces or hiding in some places,
Life is tough, so get a helmet, That's what we have been hearing all our lives. Stuck in the in between of getting spoken to like a child, But expected to act like an adult.
I am only a man, and just barely one at that. I have off days, not days, shot days, and days I just don’t know what to do with. Im forced to make decisions, sometimes I don’t make the right one, or the best one.
Its time to make a decision A decision to stand or to fall To live life to the fullest or fall in the trash of the past The time is now to decide to live and to love the lives we have
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