Only a Man


United States
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I am only a man, and just barely one at that.
I have off days, not days, shot days, and days I just don’t know what to do with.
Im forced to make decisions, sometimes I don’t make the right one, or the best one.
I strive to be successful, whatever that means.

I am only a man, I live my life day in and day out.
I try to plan ahead and find its just not so easy.
Things go south, plans fall a part, its life, simple it is not.

I am only a man, I love, I hate, I wish and dream, I cry, I smile, and laugh to meet needs.
My life is a history, a story of me, my decisions, my own, are lessons to grow from.
I have no regrets, for regrets get me no where.
Rather I learn from my mistakes and move on, there over.

I am only a man, I’ve had many achievements and awards and honors.
I hide behind these to show others Im worthy.
I strive to appear as if alls right and set the example for others to follow.
Im a leader whose afraid to show weakness.
What some have called weakness including myself, has turned into greatness.
This leader now sees these experiences are not weaknesses,
but rather tools to help others.

I am only a man, but as a man I will continue to excel because I move forward
By finding the light in the darkness.

All it takes is a spark, or a gift from another
To ignite the flame in each other



I loved this piece so very much. I love all the different aspects of your life that you incorporated into the poem. It was great. Each "not so good choice," each part of you that only makes you human. I love it! Good luck in the slam!


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