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Rain sits upon the Autumn leaves,Is wet, cool, and gives gentle breeze.That new life dawns just over the hillWhen April again brings forth fresh drizzle.
“R.I.P. 2 The Old Me”   R.I.P. 2 the old me That weak motherfucker had to die It’s time for a change
Anxiety, depression, An undiagnosed disease. Hiding under smiles and laughs So nobody saw me. Twelve years-old and so confused By the media displays. I tried to be just like them
Gonna leave this city behind And make a new life.  Hooded with mystery 
Today I went through my poems and threw out everything I ever wrote about you Yesterday, I would have cried
The smallest golden seed fell from the tallest tree And the forest came alive. The healthiest patch of soil caught the smallest golden seed And the forest sighed.
Oh, how this place has become
Nothing EPIC to write about, clean and sober. Wondering just how much longer until this hell is over. No visions of riches no dreams of fame, no delusions of grandger and nothings the same. The pounds I put on are supposed to be healthy.
I crushed the people, then I brought healing to the bodies. 
My very favorite comfort in life is closing my door, Not dealing with the judgment that opinions deliver, Living safe in a hollow home of maybes and seems.
This is my secret I have not told. This is my secret I don't wish to hold. This is my secret, it will ruin my rep. This is my secret and my very first step. This is my secret
I wasn't prepared for this I wasn't prepared to have to grow up so fast Being 18 and not even knowing how to drive has taken a toll on me Being 18 and not even knowing how to be confident and independent has angered me
With a shimmy and a shake,
  I have decided to take the leap and go off to college. Leaving behind my family, town, and friends of my current knowledge.   While off I will be free to explore, To discover the world once hidden beind closed doors.
Cameras are flashing Smiles are from ear-to-ear Heart rates increase Tears shed down one's face The sounds of the applause send waves in one's ear Class of 2014 The day finally came.    
life without you would be incredible you hurt many people even have taken away our loved ones life without you would make everybody happy people would dance more more family love would spread
Why are people always so fake?
  Burning tears have purified these years All the way clear and the desire’s still here
Mind racing 100 meters a second Back to the old days when I set the record Straight, that is, the path I ran Though none of it was my own plan   Forced to run, but no where to hide
The Zone The Zone Mirros chaos and exertion Emphasizes struggle and pain Rids the body of subltelty and disdain  Requires complete mental immersion The Zone Where I choose to make my home
Woman:                                                                         Man: I am a girl                                                                   I am a boy
As tears fall, we let our emotions hold is captive. This is massive! We must allow His spirit to become ACTIVE, in our lives. We are down and we wonder who will be there I'm here,
Uncontrollably over analyzing the situation that was in front of me Only thoughts that was in my mind was about the person that I used to be
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