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                                           And after all, all these, my love I adore you and will always love you, my dove After so much hubbub and confusion
I can’t cope with this unhappy marriage I’m afraid it’s not working for me What I mean is that it feels like torture I’m not very skilled at pretence My act has lasted so long and it’s a mystery
What is failure? For me, failure is unhappiness. I want to be successful with my education to form my future. Will my future be filled with happiness? Or will it be filled of missed opportunities and regret?
Clouds are endless, When way up high, towards the edges of the sky.   Also soft, Plush, enough to catch The common by and by. Stars, those shooting stars When the sky falls.  
Sometimes the things we can grow, learn, want are what people are not   Protected but desire demands freedom   Security but never chasing after dreams  
Ok I can do this  Hi... There... No that’s not right  Hello, how’s it going? That’s not it either  Hey... Oh you’re gone.  
Constance—You don’t contradict your name.You are constant in your wavering waysYou wave like reeds in the dry summer air—If the winds reeked of tobacco, and the reeds werewithered and frail 
"Do you want to die?'She asked meClipboard in hand I pausedWhat a question I didn't know the answer to it Tap, tap, tap "I don't know"I told her
Like a wave, happiness flows. Sometimes fast while sometimes slow. When you realized you lost the past. Happiness tends to slow down fast.
heart made of stone finally leanred to feel it hurts so much
Whenever the days are bleak and dappled
At times I am menstruating My uterine muscles Pumping at my dry bloody walls  
I wonder does it help do the scars make me braver does the pain makes me stronger my emotions make me better when I take it out on my skin, is it going to make me prettier scissors, knife, or a blade
Day by day We wake up What do we say?   Day by day We get out of bed All the words we say Are just made up in our head   Day by day We paint a picture of ourselves
Dark oils paint a weakened body Sprawled out on a messy bed. Depression covered with alcohol Feeling there is no end. Two glasseses and two bottles standing only one remains half-full.
 You watch me walk down the halls, you know who I am.  Don't you? I guess you think you do, I'm that smart girl,  maybe I'm that smart guy. The one who's  dorky and smart, Maybe I'm dark and alluring, 
Shall we dance with the devil, among the many spawn of hate? Shall we submerge to such level, of a world with every dreaded date? Shall we revolt from this darkness, carrying the baggage of past displeasures?
We are the Outcast, The different ones We call ourselves the Unwanted We sit and slit, and watch till we can’t take anymore Until the blood goes stale and the river runs dry
You're cold shoulder, bipolar high roller disorder  Is sympathetic, arithmetic, epidemic kinetic Cope the rope and tie up the noose Pull it too tight the limb will break off loose
Im haunted by shadows in the open, They surround me with theyre empowering eyes, They cloud my judgement with whispers, I can close my eyes and cover my ears, but the whispers grow louder and louder, They dont scream nor raise their voice, They wh
Eyes once open now closedLips once the color of a rose.Resting in a bed of silkNo more feeling any guilt.Skin of porcelainEyes like glassNo sound other then the windWhispering through the grass.
This is a letter to a friend.Who thinks no one is there.In times of need, in times of grieve.When suicide feels like the only answer,spreading like a cancer,through the mind, the soul.
My dearest loved one, once seized the stars-  the sun, the moon, venus and mars.  My darling, so divinely, he seemed to hold them all  but he thought his hands were empty.  
Wat If I couldn't do it and couldn't changed my mind, Wat If I did feel rushed and out of time,   Wat If it was my fault that things had changed,   Wat If there was no way it could be the same,  
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