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detached from myself I need another to fill me still alone but useful still alone but in the center   each action has a reaction giving each move a purpose a reason a care  
You were always such a happy kid She said in conversation That's nice, Mom, but you seem to have forgotten  How when I smiled, things were great  and we would get along just fine. 
The Castle is elegant Ornate and pristine However its configuration Was made to deceive   Who will believe The evils that occurred here? The yelling, screaming The palpable fear  
You had bourbon in your eyes and you knew I was thirsty I was Gods dilemma  and you loved a little controversy    Me, and you and powder blue  
You hurt me again It’s written on your skin Circling around your wrist As well as your arms and hips   The scars on your skin Would you stop if I paint my name over them? I prefer permanent pen
I am entering her body. I am quite full of myself. She doesn't hesitate to let me in. She welcomes me. She always does. Every second we spend osculating, constantly coupling in the summer heat,
Pretty face, heart not yet stone; run the world but feel alone. Heartless friends are what I know; if they care it doesn’t show. Always giving all my heart, always loyal from the start. Change my looks change my ways anything to make them stay.
If you break my heart, I will rip you up and apart. You painted me a picture. You made art. Like light, you disappear when it's dark, And our goodbye has left an ugly scar.  
Your mind is an ocean, wide and wavering. Your voice is a drug that I find myself savoring. You are made up of something more than cells and body parts.
Can't you see what's right in front of you?The broken tragedy you so eagerly ignore,Are you so blind to see what is so clear to me?Or do you just wish not to notice?Is it too heart wrenching, or difficult?
You leave me feeling empty, Yet I don’t know I was full before There was a time I was sure of my feelings, And now I am not so sure I keep on second guessing & regretting
I am not an ultimatum. I am not a second option. I am not a backup plan. I was born from a latent warrior. Her strength took time to bloom. I am the flower that grew without rain.
Insecurity. Doubt. Codependency. Self-hate.   I have encountered the misfortune of being in an abusive relationship with each.   I dated Insecurity for a few years.
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