You leave me feeling empty,

Yet I don’t know I was full before

There was a time I was sure of my feelings,

And now I am not so sure

I keep on second guessing & regretting

That if I showed more affection, if I dared to see more

That we would be together, holding hands by the shore

Things were so much simpler, when there were boundaries

Now I am lost and confused with them taken down

I see you sad, and I don’t know what to do

It’s always been the other way around

You were happy, and I tried to be too

Now you are miserable, and I am simply confused

Did my feelings really change? Why am I, suddenly bemused?

There are so many questions and not enough answers

You just simply contribute to the puzzle

Is what I feel, what I feel? Am I thinking to hard?

If they are feelings, should I have to think at all?

Was there anything special between me and you?

Was it an illusion, did you make it up too?

Now that you are drifting away I feel I will never now

Constantly asking myself WHY? Constantly unsure

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