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Dear  Undeniable Love,   She was a tainted young flower who lived in Buckhead Pearls and diamonds hide her scars and fears
You my love, with all that you are, encase me with sweet love and care. You found me in the worst time, but you stayed with me anyways. You, tried so hard to put me back together
True sweetness is often hidden in simplicity. The rose that comes forth from a simple seed. Simplicity lies in purity. And because purity is not restricted to virginity Nor to femininity.
Soon she will march in through that door, And my head will be struck by the abrupt reminder, A painful thunderbolt reminding me of our repulsive love, The sight of her prompts the formation of indescribable feelings in me.
My life is kind of hectic  Like a completed checklist When I look back on my life I see that I have dropped some fine dimes
Let me start off by saying god bless you The world's greatest philosopher couldn't fathom the words to express you We tend to lose all hope and live in regret Meanwhile the world continues to spin and time is being spent
A bubbling Laugh, a warm Smile,
Do I have to have a destination if I decide to runaway? Or would I end up in the perfect place for me? We'll, see. We'll have to see. Let's wait and see. 'Cus I noticed the sun hates taking breaks,
Oh the suspense of waiting
one day i had a crush and pressed me to the side it rolled me flat upon the ground and topped my heart in stride   helpless 'gainst the weight my body flattened till
Sweet as…        
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