Sweet as…

Sweet as…        

Mangos growing from a seed 

Hanging on a tree

While I sit under, waiting for her to wiggle free


Sweet as…

Sunday morning sunlight

Squinting your eyes, because she’s too bright

Open the shades so she shines just right    


Sweet as…

Garden butterflies

Spotted from a far

In the distant like a shining star


Sweet as… 

A diabetic in shock

Grabbing a sugar block


Sweet as...

A joyous Sunday afternoon

A nap to rest your eyelids

And Monday has come too soon


Sweet as...

Thoughts forming in your mind

To ask the one
Will you forever be mine?
Sweet as…
A natural high
On Aladdin’s carpet ride
All throughout the day sky
Sweet as…

Angelic voices tuning a song

Edging you to sing along


Sweet as…

April showers

And May flowers

Watching roses bloom for hours


Sweet as…love




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