flawless scholarship

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In the middle there was something, a queen or a king, From the beginning to the ending, they made everything, Me being a part of that, my construction is exact,
I hesitantly,
I am willing to make the
I'm more than what they say I am, I'm a treasure, a diamond in the sand. No one sees through, but they will soon, I'll shine brighter than the moon.
She woke up every day Struggling to get on her feet, She heard her mother say “Teeth! Teeth! Teeth!” To coax out even a grin that was so rare one cant help but think that the chances were better
I follow none, and,  Like the sun,  I rise to the challenge of each new day. No reason to say
They all have every thing set,  all their ducks in a row. The worlds going fast and I'm going slow. they'll miss the point and I'll enjoy the purpose.
I own my shit. So what if I have a huge ass pimple on my forehead so what if I'm not a size double or quadruple zero so what if my natural hair is frizzy like a poodle?
What makes me flawless you ask?It’s my kindness.What makes people like me?It’s the fact that I listen to them.What makes me have confidence in myself?My ability to be persistent.
I am me because of my mind Without it, my self I could never find. I have no extaordinary looks or great height I have countless insecurities that brings me a massive fright But because of my brain and cleverness,
Every morning I look in the fogged mirror, only to see the thing every passing by person picks away at what they see is no match to what I think of me they could never make me change my mind
The younger years were a struggle. Learning disabilities, angry teachers and disappointed parents. The boy was different. He looked at the world through his own lens.
I am the freak Fantastic Real Energetic
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