I will teach!

I hesitantly,

peered down

at the little girl

standing in front of me.

"What kind of game?"

I asked her.

Taking that as

an open invitation,

she pulled up a chair and

sat next to me.

She laid out five

different colored

paper socks in front of me.


so what you do is,

pick out the right colored sock

when I turn them all over.

“I made it up."

She proudly said,

"It's very fun."

Looking back throughout

my journey,

I don’t remember a time

I didn’t enjoy

teaching young children.

This is great for me,

because my life goal is

to inspire,

children to strive for success

and academic excellence.

There is a name for my life goal.

However, I don’t believe

that the word “teacher” would

encompass the entirety of my goal

Education was not always the path

that I thought I would walk.  

I’ve  always found

my path

crossing the paths of children

a mentor to children

a very good influence.

By offering unconditional love

and acceptance.             

My excitement  

emphasized the rewards of teaching.

Literacy takes passion

as you watch the children struggled

first to read,

then to write.  

I was the one blessed and honored,  

God has allowed me

to serve him in the classroom.

 Is there is no greater good than education?

No greater evil than ignorance?

I am simply “paying it forward”.

My goal is not about me

and not for me.

Who wouldn’t want to inspire

to reach for success

and academic excellence.

Even if I am not there yet,

I will without a single doubt,

be there soon.

I am thankful!

I am flawless!


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