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They call me "her" They call me "HARMM" They call me hurtful things THAT'S NoT OKAY Can I cry in your arms?
We are not appraised by how we begin Nor are we judged by our face or our skin We learn to hide what we’re told to by others Using our clothes and makeups as covers  
Eyes that fall upon me- Their weight pushing me to the ground Eyes becoming steely hands, now tightening their grip around my neck. Stolen breath, I can't make a sound. I'm here for my appointment; yet, nowhere am I found.
I’ve been here before Way too many times. I’ve spent countless nights in terror Letting out frantic cries. I’ve plotted my death Again, again, and again. I’m willing to give up this fight, After all, it seems to have no end To you, to him, to her 
There's a path lost in the plains. It leads nowhere It is worshipped for its ability to mislead It knows you. It knows what you have done, It has seen the inside of your skull and all of it's
I'm stuck in my head. I've run out of luck my brain and my heart; they bled. I'm stuck and I just want to get out. Climbing through the muck my head just screams and shouts.  
It's a cruel world You don't wear the right clothes Judged. You our don't wear make up, Judged You do wear make up, Judged. You you don't look like a model Judged.
Once she s
Soft words, sweet Soft hands, warm Leaves me giddy, breathless Innocent and never knowing loving, falling hard... and you ever knowing, sweet nothing to you  I am nothing
Cold plastic is what I see It’s all you will ever be Whispers and actions Divides our “family” into factions Rumors and back-stabbing Anger from her blabbing “Second family” yeah right
A smile hinted at her lips She watched her beloved from afar He was in her thoughts, never ceasing Should she dare be bold? Should she let her secrets run free? Yes, courage sweeps her away.
his blue eyes were full of lies the way he held me was the way he had held many before me the word he said dripped with venom  he was the snake himself I walked right into his clutching trap 
I wake up every morning asking myself Is that really you? Why was I born this way? all these flaws I see in the mirror looking at myself could I change these flaws?
I'm not scared of relationships, I want a relationship. I want to hold someone's hand while they drive down an open road. I want to kiss their forehead when they feel sick.
Because of my skin tone I'm considered another ethnicity Because of my skin tone I'm judged for wanting the traditional values of my heritage
I love you
As I lie wide awake, I pray to The Lord, "Please, for my sake, if the one I love does not love me back, may your light shine on me before I attack; myself."
  “The family and friends of mine, I dont love, I dont love... Friends of mine don't show up all the time, Still have me in their mind, Borrow my pain, reimburse cheers,
Laying in bed Wanting to be with my boo Wishing I were dead Because I cant live without you
I can't be perfect you see  I don't have the key  of all the things I could be I just want to be me I can't impress you You judge me like I'm new They all judge me to at whatever I do
If you change, will you be judged? Is this you're ultimate fate? People don't comprehend what life can hold. It is full of beauty, as well as sincere people. But, it is also full of darkness and people who are dishonest.
judging people is never the key so why do people do it? well ill tell you, they do it because they have problems at home or something is wrong with them they want to be
 She is the all seeing and all knowing.     She is relentless and revengeful.     She comes and goes. 
We are scared of being judged. We are scared of being wrong. We are scared of sounding dumb. We are scared of change. We are scared of the future. We are scared of relationships.
"The water flows between my fingersmy hair entangles amidst my crooked nails and moist ridges within my skin.a cry of weakness shatters a ripple among the wavesa goodbye smile attends the rest
"What if we didn't go to war?" I accidently ask in my Junior econ. class I feel my classmates eyes on my back, I sit in the front for a reason. "Hippie! Go to california you Democrat" I hear a student say to me.
I was always told to dress the part so I put on my costume. A white collared shirt,  A skirt to my knees  And a mask of a forced smile Along with a face covered in pounds of makeup,
who are we to judge what others like who they date to make fun of them to bully them all because of a 3 letter word GAY aren't we all are gay really we are but we just don't know it
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