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We are honoring those who fought and died for the USA.We are honoring our deceased soldiers on Memorial Day.Many soldiers fought and died so that every American can be free.
The red, white, and blue The colors of our flag that shine through Our nation will always stand tall And rise above it all This is a time for a celebration For this holiday tradition
You are the ones,  Who defend.    You are the ones,  Who protect.    Be honored,  Young or old.    No matter what war,  For you, we respect.   
We didn't start the fire,  That's what they say. And each generation, Must suffer and pay.    Don't ruin the country,  I love or behold!  Ruin, decay, destruction...
Never will I waver,  From love of this land,  Never will I fail,  To stay and stand,    Shouting with a great voice unto all:  "This land, God's joy! Justice for all." 
I composed my song of unspoken apologies Echoing like the ancient lands’ mythologies   It sang of red, white, and blue, Of thinkers, speakers, revolutionaries too.
my father's eyes arered, white, and blue.third generation immigrant,he is proud of what he has done,of what this country's allowed him to become. 
The American Dream By Ryan G. and Joseph G.      The nation I reside in holds a dream To live a life of wealth and to prosper
Maine is ME I'm diverse. A bit of a rocky coastline.  Blistering cold yet Delighfully warm. Spontaneus and changing Like New England weather Unpredictable. Different from the others.
Raise the flag up from half mast.But be prepared to lower it, this peace won't last.The flag may be hih for only one day morebefore we bring it down, our hearts so sore.
“Instead of cursing the darkness, light a candle.” ― Benjamin Franklin   1.
No one is too small to cause great changes And no one too large to alter all things Many judge solely based on appearance
Too often do we wave a flag and blindly call ourselves a part of the nation. The soul must shine through with what we believe. As an American, what does that mean? Could it be freedom? But what choice is made to use freedom?
She wakes up in the morning She pours a cup of coffee             She thinks:             What is it to be Free?             What is it to be an American?
  When you wake up to go downstairs be glad you have a bed,
Dear Soldier Man Thank you for doing all you can Dear Soldier man  The way you've dedicated your life, you've gained a fan   Dear Soldier Woman I appreciate your bravery! So I salute you
Guns Knives Bombs Blood If you want this? You want to be Uncle Sams' son Heat Stench Burning flesh Hells just the begging of a war never won What they don't tell you When you become
I am from beloved dolls, from bubble wands and crabapple trees. I am from bright colors and playful spirits,Bookshelves and stacked boxes. I am from dandelions and low-branched trees.
Always known as land of the free and home of the brave Many people come to stay Everlasting song and dance Restful sleep and a bit of romance It's the best place to be Come here and you won't wanna leave
Sun shines through, the red white and blue. Freedom and equality. Selfless sacrifice, there was a price. Such a gift to be free.
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