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A Jesus fish is sick, but I prefer the Jesus turtle. I keep mine in a glass box enclosure, where he can be seen.In deference to his speed (and stature) he is referred to as Junior.
I was given a gift by someone I truly loved, A little green turtle, Something I could put on my key ring. She had one too, And it made our love grow stronger,
The ship had sunk beneath the sea,. And from the deep, it beckoned me.   I followed suit, beyond the foam, to the place it made its home.   And as I gazed
I am Tammy TortoiseBrown and green and blue and turquoiseTo do my best I am always poisedBecause I know my life has great purpoiseYes, I'm small and slowIt has no negative effect, though
Time flies in a blink of an eye, so from this poem I want you to pick a side. The tortoise or the Hare? It may seem like an easy answer but an indepth look might change your mind.
I am a turtle. I live for eating lettuce. Watch out for the boats.
(poems go here) Turtle Green and slow But smart with lots of joy A turtle has a vision Where it sees wonderful things But it has one mission To become part of the sea
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