animal welfare

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You have not had to feel the pain Been trapped in a place that does not feel like your home Or talked at like you were nothing You have not had to take the beatings
Imagine being put on show With a condition  You can’t control The brain doesn’t fit It’s equivalent to- Squeezing size 10 feet
Picking fruit and swimming in the trees Spending time with family Until the day of depravity    Homeland destroyed and community slaughtered  Snatched and sent overseas  To life science facilities 
    Freedom has expired Onto the road of depravity  Also known as captivity    Tortured when still alive Watching others scared for their life I’ve travelled for miles
Dear Vegetarians, I am one of you. A word that defines 4% of our youth And only 3% of adults. A definition that encompasses so much more
Creatures. Some are our pets Who do deserve our love. Adopt them to demonstrate that. Creatures.
A year ago, you didn’t realize activism was in your near-future. Now, more than one hundred lives,thousands of gallons of water,and many other natural resourcesare saved each year becauseYou choose not to put animal bodies or their by-products on
I am antique malls and dusty dishes  I am front porch pickers and moonshine sippers  I am light up sketchers and spongy pineapple dwellers I am young mistakes and a family disgrace I am dogwood trees and honey bees
I do not eat my friends You eat my friends I can see their ends Sometimes... people stab my friends they feed my friends to their friends I can see their ends
Do a flip for me!  Do a trick, it'll be the only way you'll get your food. Smile Sweetie, Pumpkin, Jimmy, Armie! I hope you enjoy the room, it'll be your home forever. Want to run? Swim?
 Trapped inside I can't escape, proped up as the main attraction, gawking blurs and distorted laughter contorted in a profit fashion
Your wagging tail mirrors the trees gently swaying in the wind. Your gleaming eyes mirror the sunshine in mid-July, my smile as I see you after a long hard day. When your paws sprint across the fields of glory, I can see
With us, not for us.  Because we share this Earth, and don't take it for granted. Because we are all animals, of different kinds, and different abilities. Because we are all sentient beings with emotions and feelings,
They say That's all you say.   Well about him? he has three legs and a tail.   He has no say.   What about her? She has one eye and no hair.   She has no say.
Playful, loving, full of energy. Golden fur and a long bronze tail. Capable of killing, But unwilling to do so.
The dog is in the corner of the room Doesn’t know what he did wrong His owner holds a belt Ready to leave a welt Smack…smack…smack goes the belt No one is around to stop it The dog squeals in pain
My flesh, bones, and blood... Always being torn apart by a monster. Unknown by their actions, If I survived, I'd wake up with blood on my fur...   I'd cry, whimper and beg...
A little animal’s life could end, with one swing of a stick.
Look into their hearts and you will feel. Look into their eyes and you will see. If you are willing you will find them In the streets and on TV, How often do we consider,
Cat did purr ever so softly and dream she did of warm milk and mice
Open the door, pitch black Something pounces, giving me a heart attack Long tongue, licks me in the face It’s Ruger
Slanted, sly the cat comes up from the barn's stone side in a clearly evoked mode of attack. I watch from behind the screen closure, reclined, reading the paper. The mouse or bird or rabbit cannot be seen,
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